Day 1 Wednesday 10th February
09.30  Registration: Tea and Coffee on arrival

KEYNOTE SESSION 1 (Wedgewood Suite)

10.30 Welcome and Housekeeping

10.40 Opening address: Linda Tomos (National Library of Wales)
11.00  World Heritage in a Digital Age: Richard Hughes (ICOMOS-UK & ICORP) 

11.30  Prototyping, Surveying, observation and Data: How evidence from users improves your services: Andrew Lewis (V&A)

12.00  High-Tech Drones and Immersive Displays – Exploiting New Technologies for Digital Heritage: Professor Robert Stone (University of Birmingham)

12:30 LUNCH

Digital Heritage Tourism (Wedgewood Suite)


13:30   Walking through the Bronze Age: The value of virtual reality environments for Museums: Lizzie Edwards (Samsung Digital Discovery Centre, The British Museum

13:50   Quantifying the Sublime: a real-time dynamic biometric approach to the appreciation of landscape: Richard Marggraf Turley, Hywel Griffiths & Reyer Zwiggelaar (Aberystwyth University)

14.10  The Digital Mapping of Edinburgh's Literary Heritage: Professor James Loxley (University of Edinburgh)

14:30   Discover your new favourite places: [Explore churches]: Sarah Crossland (National Churches Trust)

Digital survey: An Integrated Approach (Menai Suite)

Chair: Scott Lloyd

13:30   Digital Saqqara: From bits of paper to bytes of data: Scott Williams (Cardiff University)

13.50   Gigapixel Photography: Louise Barker (RCAHMW)

14.10   Survey and Presentation of Tintagel: An Integrated Approach: Jon Bedford (Historic               England)

14:30   Engaging the community with digital archaeology at the Old Church of St. Nicholas,  Uphill: Damien Campbell-Bell (Wessex Archaeology)

15:05   Q&A

15:15 TEA & COFFEE

UNCONFERENCE SESSIONS  (15 Minute slots bookable by any delegate on the day) (Wedgewood Suite/Menai Suite/Isaiah Suite)

17:00 (Wedgewood Suite) The Cynefin Project: Einion Gruffudd (National Library of Wales)

19:00 Conference dinner for those paying to attend (Wedgewood Suite)

Day 2 Thursday 11th February

9.00 Registration

PLEASE NOTE: Workshops will either consist of one 90 minute session (9.15 - 10.45), or a 40 minute session run twice (9.15 – 9.55 and again 10.05 – 10.45). Please choose either 1 x 90 minute session or 2 x 40 minute sessions to attend.

Peoples Collection Wales: Helen Rowe (PCW/RCAHMW) & Berian Elias (NLW)

Gigapixel Photography: Louise Barker (RCAHMW)

Info-point: Neil Rathbone (Webnebulus)

GIS: Introduction to Geo-referencing: Jon Dollery (RCAHMW)

Cynefin: Carys Evans (National Library of Wales)

10.45 TEA & COFFEE

Digital survey: An Integrated Approach (Wedgewood Suite)


11.15  RCAHMW Guidelines for Digital Archaeological Archives – A Sustainable Approach to Digital Preservation: Gareth Edwards (RCAHMW)

11.35  Historic Building information modelling (HBIM) of the Four Courts and Henrietta Street, Historical Classical buildings in Dublin City: Maurice Murphy (Dublin Institute of Technology)

11.55  Recalibrating relationships: bringing cultural heritage and people together in a changing Europe: Professor Neil Forbes (Coventry University)

12:15  Cijferboek cultureel erfgoed: Survey and monitoring digital heritage in Flanders: Bart de Nil (FARO: Flemish Interface for cultural heritage)

12.35  Questions & discussion

Digital Heritage Tourism (Menai Suite)


11.15   Creating a Network of Places: Culture Beacons for Heritage Tourism: Tom Pert (Peoples Collection Wales)

11.35   Intangible Cultural Heritage: Donna Mitchenson (Durham University)

11.55   Digital interpretation: Good, bad, indifferent: Andrew Lloyd Hughes (TruTourism)

12:15   Pack Your Imagination: Creative digital marketing: Kate Roberts (Cadw)

12:35   Questions & Discussion
13.00 LUNCH

14:00 KEYNOTE SESSION 2 (Wedgewood Suite)

Chair:  David Thomas (RCAHMW)
14.00  Digital Marketing Strategies for Heritage Tourism in Wales: Jon Monroe (Visit Wales)

14.30  Digital Past, Present and Future: a Perspective from the Heritage Lottery Fund: Karen Brookfield (Heritage Lottery Fund)

15.00  3D Cultural Heritage Data: Improving Access and Exploitation: Anthony Corns (The              Discovery Programme)

15:30   Questions and Discussion

16:00   Summing up and close

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